Submission and Evaluation

Update 10.08.2017.

The deadline for submissions has passed, the results are available here. Now you are welcome to describe your system in a paper and present it at LTC 2017.

Update 02.08.2017.

The submission form is now available. Please use the form to submit the results of your system for the PolEval 2017 competition.

The deadline for Task 1 submissions is August 9, 2017.

The deadline for Task 2 submissions is August 5, 2017.

Update 02.07.2017.

Upon many questions and comments from the community, we have changed the evaluation procedure to resemble Kaggle-style competitions. As a consequence:

  • participants are no longer required to provide the source code of their system,
  • the correct tagging of the test data will remain unknown until the competition closes (the test data will be provided without the gold-standard tags),
  • the accuracy evaluation will be performed by the organizers, by comparing gold-standard tagging with the data provided by the participants,
  • the date of test-data release has changed.

For details please refer to Evaluation section of Task descriptions.